Veneli Hiking Area

Veneli Hiking Area offers four exciting trip proposals 3 – 7,2km. A toll road of 4,5 kmleads to the starting place 640 AMSL, Road toll to be paid with cash at the toll barrier.


Lake Veneli 800AMSL t/r: 3 km – 1,5 hr


Grading: moderate

The trip starts at a footbridge crossing a marsh and follows a path on dry rocky ground to Lake Veneli. Ideal for bathing and picnicking in a magnificent mountainous landscape.Ordinary walking footwear.


Mount Venelifjellet, 905 (AMSL) t/r: 4,1km – 2,5 hrs


Grading: moderate

 Follow the path from Lake Veneli to the summit of Veneli with panoramic views. Some easy climbing. Venelifjellet –“The Beautiful Mountain” bears the name rightly. Here you can, in clear weather, see the ocean by Kragerø, the mountains on Hardangevidda and Gaustatoppen. On this route, you experience a marked division of vegetation zones from boreal coniferous forest to arctic vegetation


Venelifjellet roundtrip 7,2 km  - 5 hrs

Totalascent 406m.

Grading: challenging  

The path fro the summit  follows a ridge in an easterly direction. In humid weather, the path can be slippery so mountain hiking boots are recommended. Wet parties have footbridges. Great view of Grytedalen Nature Reserve. Here you can often see the golden eagle chasing after its prey. Some large glacial move blocks provide spectacular photographic background


Veneli   round trip 6,9 km - 4 hrs


Grading: moderate.   

The trail passes through a variety of mountain forest types. This is moose country. On the northern side of the Veneli mountain you follow an old packhorse and bridle path through virgin forests, now a protected spruce forest. The trail passes two summer mountain outfarms where the more than 100-year old log cabins can still be seen. Out farm Veneli is open for visits. Between Tjørnstøyl and Venelistøyl lies “The Large Stone”, left after the last ice age. It is 10 m high and weighs over 1,000 tons. Some moist stretches.

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