Along the Bandak Canal

The Bandak Canal, an important part of the Telemark Canal, runs from Ulefoss to Dalen. When it was opened in 1892 it was regarded as the most spectacular waterway in Europe. It should be experienced both as a passenger on one of the excursion boats and by driving along the canalside roads.

From Vrådal via Kviteseid Bygdetun to Fjågesund with bridge across to Kilen, continue to Lunde where the locks begin, with Hogga and Lunde locks. Next are the Vrangfoss locks, the largest flight of locks on the canal. Ulefoss is the turning point of the trip; here you can visit Lille Ulefos Gjestegaard, an Empire-style wooden building from 1814. The manor house of Ulefos Hovedgaard, the main example of the Empire style in Norway, built in 1807, is worth a visit. The quickest return is via Bø and Seljord to Vrådal, although shopping opportunities in Bø and Seljord may lead to major delays. If you are lucky, you may get so see the lake monster in Lake Seljordsvatnet. This is a long day’s trip of about 200 km.

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