Mountains of Telemark – Gaustatoppen

Much of Telemark is mountainous, including its part of Hardangervidda, the largest high mountain plateau in Europe. This day trip will let you experience some of Telemark's most magnificent scenery.

 Set off via Brunkeberg – Morgedal – Høydalsmo (where the world’s first ski jumping competition was held) – Rauland with art exhibition – the Industrial Museum at Vemork – Rjukan. Rjukan had the world’s largest power station in 1911 and became the arena of the “Battle of the Heavy Water” in 1943, when the deuterium-producing plant was sabotaged. The film “Heroes of Telemark” is based on these events. Open 1st May to 30th September, see

Continue to Rjukan, an industrial community founded a century ago on waterpower to produce electricity and fertilizer. The funicular Krossobanen takes you from the valley floor up to a fantastic view from the edge of Hardangervidda.  From Rjukan you can take the mountain road to Sauland with views of “Norway’s most good-looking mountain” - Gaustatoppen-from many vantage points. The road runs through the foothills of the mighty mountain, 1882 m a.s.l. From the summit you may, on a clear day, see one-sixth of Norway. 30 000 people a year visit the peak. The walk up takes 2-3 hours and about half the time down. The tourist lodge at the summit serves the most delicious waffles and is open all summer. Drive home through Sauland – Seljord and Brunkeberg to Vrådal. The all-day trip adds up to about 200 km driving. 

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