Upper Nidarå watercourse

Although you may see the large lakes Vråvatn, Nisser and Fyresvatn on satellite pictures of Scandinavia, it is far more interesting to experience them at ground level.

 We recommend driving south to Nissedal and crossing by the small cable ferry to Fjone (hourly departures – at the top of the hour). Fjone offers neat-looking farmsteads, impressive pinewoods and many kilometres of attractive sandy beaches. At the outlet of the 35-km long Lake Nisser you find Treungen, a municipal centre with shops and cafés.

Your trip should continue to the famous potholes (Jettegrytene) at Haugsjå. Leave RV 41 at Haugsjåsund towards Dynjan, where you follow the old timber chute to the finest swimming place in Telemark, with huge potholes and several natural water-slides on the rockface. The potholes are products of the latest Ice Age, ending about 10 000 years ago. The home leg should go through Fyresdal with many photo opportunities along the scenic Våmurvegen road, running along the eastern shore of Lake Fyresvatn.  In Fyresdal you may visit a deer farm and help feeding the animals. Fishing enthusiasts may find a visit to Aketun Fisk rewarding (west side of Lake Fyresvatn), with its specialty of catching, processing and sale of the local freshwater fish "sik" (gwyniad). On the road to Vrådal, many make a stop at Fossum Kurs og Feriesenter with its pottery, weaving orkshop and an original café in refurbished stables.

At Vråliosen you may choose sides of Lake Vråvatn. On the west side the road is narrow and the landscape scenic.  All together this trip will take one day, with a driving distance of about 140 km, Vrådal about 150 km.

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