In Vrådal and the area around Vrådal there are many marked trails. Here are some trails that we would like to recomend.

For more information trails, please se http://vandretelemark.no og http://ut.no


The Grill Hut is beautifully situated on a lookout point behind Vrådal Hyttegrend, and can be used all year round. The cabin is equipped with a fireplace in the middle of the cabin that can be used...

This summer you can take a stroll in the forest 15 meters above the ground. The new treetop path is a spectacular 1 km long and 2 meter wide boardwalk that runs on poles all the way to the top of...

Easy nature track in beautiful mountain nature. View over Hardangervidda (the Hardanger plain) national park. Child friendly.

A mountain hike in Vrådal. Roholtsfjell (mount Roholt) is situated 1005 m.a.s.l, and has an amazing view.

Prekestolen in Rogaland is located about a 4 hours drive from Vrådal. This trip can be combined with an overnight stay in Stavanger.

A longer mountain hike to a beautiful mountain. The peak of the mountain is 1021 meters above sea level.

Telemarks' tallest mountain that stands 1883 meters above sea level. Family trip.

Great hiking area in both forest and on mountain. Starting point is 3.5km from Vrådal Hyttegrend.