About Us

Vrådal Hyttegrend was founded in 1979 by Hans Øy, the father of Olav Øy. He built the first 7 cabins with 3 bedrooms (cabin type 1-6). at the mid 80's he build 4 cabins with 4 bedrooms (cabin type 8-11). In the first half of the 90s he build cabin type 12-20. These cabins have 4 bedrooms and 2 toilets. All cabins have sauna. Cabin no 7 had a fire in 2006 and he build a new larger cabin at the site. In 2021, cabins 1 through 11 were sold, and the planning and construction of 6 new cabins (cabin 21-27) started.

In 2009 we took over the business and are running this as a family business. In 2018 we build a large chalet, sleeping 14 persons at the island where we live. In 2021 we sold the cabin number 1-11 and are building new cabins for rent. 6 cabins (cabin type 21-26) will be ready before summer 2023. 

Our guests have always been families that want to explore Norwegian nature. We have made tracks for hiking in the area of various length. There are tracks to outlooks, nature walks and to the Veneli hiking area.

We wish you all welcome to a nice holiday at our place!

Kind regards

Olav & Elisabeth Øy