Rental Conditions


These conditions functions as a contract to uphold our rental units, and it's purpose is to bring clarity to the agreed upon conditions in advance. This is so that we are able to serve our guests as best we can.


The renter/person who placed the order has to be above the age of 21 years. This also applies for the person who is responsible for the cabin under the stay.

The renter is obligated to treat the rental unit, the units inventory and it's equipment, in and outside the rental unit, in such a way that no damage or unnecessary wear and abrasion occur. House rules are to be followed. Between 23.00 and 07.00 o'clock is time to be quiet and renters will have to show consideration for the other guests in the area.

Renter is obliged to follow rules regarding smoking and pets. Infringement of these rules entails a fee of minimum 1.000,-NOK.

Renter is responsible for compensating the landlords of their loss and damage that has been done to building(s) or inventory/equipment. Renter is obligated to pay landlords for any extra expenses caused by the renters, their travel companions or their visitors actions. 

Before departure, renters are required to clean both in and outside the rented unit and to follow the washing instructions. If these are not followed, the renter will be receiving an invoice for final cleaning. If renters wish to ask for final cleaning of the rental, this will have to be ordered the day before departure at the latest. If final cleaning is ordered, trash cans should be emptied and all surfaces cleared of things.

The maximum number of people stated for the unit should not be exceeded. The unit should not be used for purposes other than vacation and leisure, unless agreed upon with the landlord.

Guests can not use the rental units for other purposes than what is agreed upon when the rental was ordered (usually used for vacation and leisure), and there should be no more people than what is agreed upon between the renter and the landlord. It is not allowed to set up tents, caravans or sound boxes on or around the area.

noise and commotion that is disturbing the other guests, will be warned. If this warning is not followed, renters and their companions may be evicted. If such a situation were to occur, the payment will not be refunded.

In the event of damaged furniture or equipment, vandalism/damage or insufficient cleaning, compensation will be required before departure, possibly invoiced after. We reserve the right to retain the guest's belongings.

We would like to point out that for hygienic reasons it is not permitted to bring a duvet, pillow or sleeping bag in our rental cabins.



The stay will be invoiced in advance. In the event of an advance payment, the tenant accepts the lease terms mentioned below.

25% of the rental amount must be paid within a week after the booking has taken place. The remaining amount must be paid to us within 30 days before the day of arrival. The contract will be canceled without notice if the above payment deadlines are not met. If the booking is made later than 30 days before the arrival date, the entire rental amount must be paid in total.



If the guest cancels their stay earlier than 30 days before arrival, the advance payment will be returned, minus an administration fee. The administration fee is currently 300,- NOK. In case of cancellation less than 30 days before arrival, Vrådal Hyttegrend will be keeping the entire amount paid.



On the day of arrival, the cabin cannot normally be used before 15.00 o'clock. Departure must take place no later than 11.00 o'clock on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of booking.


6. PETS:

Pets can be brought along if agreed upon at the time of booking. It is only allowed to have pets on chalet type 12-20. For pets, there is a fee paid per animal per night. The fee is currently 50,- NOK.



Stays are based on self-catering, i.e. that duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and towels must be brought and that the cabin is left cleaned and in the same condition as on arrival.

Cleaning can be ordered no later than the day before departure.
If the final cleaning carried out by the tenant is not satisfactory, an invoice will be sent to the tenant for final cleaning according to the price list.

The cabin must be thoroughly cleaned upon departure. In the event of insufficient cleaning, a fee corresponding to the cost of final cleaning may be required before departure or possibly invoiced afterwards.

When final cleaning has been ordered, the following must be done before departure:

  • The cabin should be tidied
  • Possible spills on tables, benches or floors should be cleaned up.
  • The dishes should be cleaned
  • Trash and empty goods must be removed from the cabin
  • Any rented bed linens and towels should be placed in the outer passage.

Electricity is included in the rental price.
Trash is placed in waste bins in designated places.



The tenant is responsible for any damage that is not due to normal wear and use. In the event of insurance damage, the excess is charged to the tenant.



The landlord is not responsible for unsatisfactory snow conditions, closed facilities or other conditions beyond our control. We reserve the right for errors and changes in our price lists.



Smoking is prohibited in all our cabins. We ask our guests to respect this.



Any complaints during the stay must be submitted to the landlord. This must be done within a reasonable time, so that the deficiency/fault is rectified immediately and with the least possible inconvenience for the guest.